50 scholarships for Sudanese students in Algeria .. A program to support more than two thousand female talents at Saudi University

Recognition of the certificate of Hitin College at the national level in Jordan

The board of the Commission for the Recognition and Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Jordan yesterday (Wednesday) announced the inclusion of Hittin College as an intermediate university college in Jordan’s national qualification framework and for its accreditation.

The council has decided to pursue special recognition for the disciplines of computer information systems and computer science at Middle East University, as well as the disciplines of law, English language and literature, jurisprudence and its origins, and the principles of religion in Al-Al. -Bayat University.

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Exams at Damascus University have been postponed due to bad weather

The University of Damascus yesterday (Wednesday) announced the postponement of the first semester exams, which were scheduled for today (Thursday) at a later date in the faculty and institute of the university and its branches in As-Suwaida, Cuneitra and Daraa. Bad weather in the country.

Due to bad weather, all schools in the governorates of Damascus and As-Suwaida have been closed, and examinations at several universities have been suspended.

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Academic unions have demanded the removal of the president of Al-Quds Palestinian University

The Federation of Palestine University Professors and Employees Syndicate announced in a statement yesterday (Wednesday) that after a meeting of its representatives at Birjit University, additional measures have been initiated to suspend working hours at universities on 7 February. Al-Quds University’s president, Professor and head of the staff syndicate, has decided to fire Majdi Hameel.

The union, which represents eight West Bank universities, has called on the Palestinian Authority to intervene in the case of Hussein Abu Kish, president of Al-Quds University.

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A training camp on sustainable development at Hamad Bin Khalifa University later this month

The College of Islamic Studies at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar, in collaboration with the Qatari Scientific Club, has announced the organization of a training camp to teach and design sustainable development goals for students, teachers and the general public. , On January 29.

The college says on its website that the training camp represents an interactive environment, providing participants with a unique experience through specialized training programs, workshops and group activities aimed at developing educational products related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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