We have won scholarships for notes in the humanities department at Unsam

We humanities students have been able to stop cutting scholarship notes. This Monday, April 11, thanks to the massive student participation in the demand for the restoration of the scholarship, the authorities had to announce the reopening of it.

It so happens that once the face-to-face course begins, we find ourselves excluding scholarships for first year notes. With a copier at $ 10 a copy and a first year module at $ 2,100, many coworkers will have to make a great effort to buy them so as not to be forced to read from their cell phones.

In this sense, we have detailed a resolution project to be presented to the school council with the Student Counselor of La Caldera, and to strengthen it, we have obtained 581 signatures and published a petition in each course to engage students.

Presenting the project and signatures at the school council on March 20, the authorities argued that “there is a complex situation with the budget”, although it was voted on, knowing that it was designed to coordinate the government and the IMF.

To this we responded that we must demand more budget, and at the same time we gave a very specific answer on how to finance the scholarship from the 60 million pesos created by the school through diploma and fee-based courses in sex education, Therapeutic Companion, Visual Communication, University Professor, Language (Night), is one of the 55 that it has to offer. We even point out that 20 million of those assets are literally allocated for an item called “Other Expenses”, which no one knows what it is. With this information on the table, the authorities promised to prepare a report on the scholarship for the next meeting.

As the days went by we spread these arguments among the students and finally got the news of the resumption of the scholarship.

Pay off the war

This is an achievement for student participation and organization against the coordination of government and authorities. The key to dealing with the demands that we have against the leadership of the Student Center (La Marti Patria Grande and the MUI Communist Party) is the key to dealing with the political space of the government and the authorities. , Abandon the protection of students’ rights. The government student center no longer shows the victory of scholarship against the cut.

Now we have the challenge of extending the scholarship for the annual note. It cannot be that we are deprived of scholarships for notes as we advance in the competition. Sophomores, juniors and other students are also suffering from lower wages due to rising inflation.

In this sense, we are going to deepen the student body by inviting them to participate in the referendum with ballots and ballot boxes in the entrance hall where, in front of the seven members of the school council, hundreds of students will vote. In favor of increasing the scholarship and increasing the amount of notes for all years. We are going for a great announcement and order to take to the next school council.

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