We have awarded 1,300 scholarships to physicians from 50 countries

On World Health Day …

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Dr. Rasha Kelz, Egyptian Senator and CEO of Mark International, celebrated World Health Day 2022, with the participation of 20 first African women, by launching 8 important awards on health and social issues for media, musicians, fashion designers, directors, students. New talent in this field.

“We always try to focus on everything related to health in our beloved African continent and other countries, to improve access to quality and equitable healthcare solutions,” said Dr. Rasha Kelz.

Mark works closely with African First Ladies, Health, Education, Information, Communication, Gender, Academia, Research, Media and industry organizations to build healthcare capacity and address health and social issues, including training of fertility, embryology, and cancer specialists. , Diabetes, endocrinology and respiratory and many other countries.

Representative Rasha Kelz noted, “We make significant contributions to building professional skills in healthcare by providing more than 1,300 scholarships to physicians from 50 countries, and these physicians are awarded scholarships for one, two and three years and one masters. More than 32 critical and unchanged specialty degrees.

Dr. Rasha Kelz added, and this year, in conjunction with World Health Day, we have announced a number of awards for media, fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and singers, and the awards in these two categories are: stigma-breaking infertility, support for girls’ education. To do, to end child marriage, and to end genital mutilation. Feminism, stopping gender-based violence or empowering women at all levels, promoting a healthier lifestyle and raising awareness about prevention and early detection of diabetes and hypertension, to provide a healthier life.

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