Ukraine Refugees Should Continue Studying – But How?

Germany promises “science bridge”

The study of refugees from Ukraine should continue – somehow

Berlin.Kyiv and Kharkiv are the scientific heart of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, study and research in a large part of the country has become unthinkable. Millions of people have already left the two megacities, but it is not possible to measure how many of them are refugees.

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Where and how students and scientists can continue to work is uncertain. After all, Ukrainian courses meet EU standards. But how do you close the language and financial gap? Does the university city have adequate study space and apartments?

Germany promises a “science bridge”

The culture ministers of the federal states have announced that as many refugees as possible can “continue their scientific work or study at German universities and research institutes”. In the “Lubek Declaration” of March 11, they declared a “science bridge” in Ukraine.

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How resilient will this “science bridge” be? The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) say that “up to 100,000 Ukrainian students and researchers can be expected” – the same as those currently studying at Cologne universities.

Language courses, scholarships, university placements – integration is expensive

It seems doubtful whether universities are ready for such a level. “Pure appeal to universities and research institutions is not enough,” said Andreas Keller. He is the Deputy Chairman of the Union for Education and Science. Keller called for scholarships for students and scientists. In addition, extra space needs to be created for the course with number classes. However, according to Keller, solidarity should also be applied to threatened students and scientists in Russia and Belarus.

HRK and DAAD are also demanding speedy support for universities Peter-Andre Alt, president of HRK, said: “Every day urgent inquiries are being made from Ukrainian students and scientists. Universities can help, but many students need funding from the federal government.” A spokesman explained that “voting is taking place between countries.”

Who pays for refugees?

Every day thousands of Ukrainian war refugees come to Germany. The battle is now raging over who will carry it.

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Private enterprises provide scholarships to scientists

Money and support don’t just come from the state. Individual foundations such as the Philip Schwartz Initiative or the Volkswagen Foundation also want to help. The Volkswagen Foundation has been providing scholarships to refugee scientists for years – last year mainly to Afghans. The Foundation has established a “guest research program” for Ukrainian scientists.

A maximum of 2300 euros per 100 scientists and a family allowance of 500 euros per month can be financed. A spokesman for the foundation said six applications had been accepted in one week. There are more and more questions about the program.

No Bafög – Studentenwerk claims improvement

It is rather unlikely that Ukrainian students will be able to receive money through student loans. The German student union noted that many refugees do not have the right to benefits Matthias Anbuhl, secretary general of the German Students’ Union, said: “It would be reasonable for the federal government to speed up student loans.

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Student unions have already supported Ukrainian students financially in other ways, but Anbuhl is demanding extra funding for universities and student unions: “In the medium and long term, we need integrated support in the form of a federal-state support agreement.”

It is not yet on the solid pillar – the declared “Science Bridge”. In fact, it is still under construction. However, it will still take some time for Ukrainian students to be ready to study German after the language and specialist courses.

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