Ukraine – ÖH financial aid for students, further research grants

The Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) has announced financial assistance for students affected by the war in Ukraine: in case of social needs, emergency assistance of up to 1,000 euros per person will be provided. About 2,700 Ukrainians and Russians are currently studying at Austrian universities. Meanwhile, support for Ukrainian scientists in Austria is also increasing.

Many students in Ukraine and Russia are currently unable to access their accounts and are facing significant income losses, সারাH chairperson Sara Velich said in a broadcast on Monday. The victims were unable to pay rent, food or educational materials. Anyone with Russian or Ukrainian citizenship can apply for funding, as it is not uncommon for parents to be financed in their home country. “It is important to us that the Russian students are also entitled to funding. They too are affected by the war started by the Kremlin and cannot do anything about it!” .

WWTF provides another 100,000 euros

On Monday, the Vienna Science, Research and Technology Fund (WWTF) also announced that it was providing an additional 100,000 euros for a program for Ukrainian researchers to have research in Austria, which is currently being funded by the Austrian Academy with 270,000 euros. Science (ÖAW). That means more than 30 fellowships can now be awarded, OeAW announced Monday.

Last week, as part of its “Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities” (JSH) mobility program, the academy advertised an “emergency call” for Ukrainian researchers to have research at a local research institution. According to WAW President Anton Zellinger, the aim is to “enable them to continue their research work in Austria quickly and bureaucratically”. The academy is paying around 270,000 euros for this, which can be used to fund at least 25 additional studies.

WWTF is now paying an additional 100,000 euros for an “emergency call”, which will enable nine more fellowships. “The research community must make a contribution,” said WWTF President Michael Hauppel After being selected in an accelerated peer review process, the accepted researchers can initially run their project for up to four months at a basic research institute in Austria. OeAW also invites other research institutes who want to help participate in the “emergency call”.

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