They provide a dozen scholarships for Teacher Training Institute No. 51


The initiative starts from the student center and will have 12 beneficiaries. As they say, they will be distributed only once and each will have an amount of 5 thousand pesos There will be no more requirements or restrictions for participants.

As of the draw for next Wednesday, April 20, the Student Center of Teacher Training Institute No. 51 (ISFD) has started with the registration of all the students who want to participate for the 12 scholarships.

As they say, this is an initiative to have a dozen beneficiaries, who, for the time being only, receive 5,000 pesos each for their education. Similarly, they indicated that interested parties would only be able to sign up by filling out a form, and that they would not face any specific requirements or restrictions.

“We received these scholarships from (FITU) through a bench of Deputy Romina del Pla. From our perspective we understand that there should be no need or restriction to access scholarships, we fight for scholarships for each of them, we understand that youth is one of the sectors most affected by poverty and unemployment ” Highlighted from.

In the meantime, they have stated that the reality of granting them through this is “so that they are distributed fairly and equitably. For this we are going to promote a form where they can sign up to take part.”

On the other hand, they point out: “We know they represent a small amount, which is why we invite you to organize yourself to fight for scholarship for all. We believe that scholarships should be a right for everyone who applies for them and should not be tied to meritocracy. For this reason, we continue to fight for a comprehensive scholarship plan that is for everyone in need. We demand universalization of progress. And its update for inflation.

Finally, those who wish to participate have to fill out the form and register by next Saturday, April 16th.

The draw will be held on Wednesday the 20th via live broadcast from the institute’s Instagram account.

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