The Bukharamanga mayor’s office has extended the deadline for young people to apply for 1,325 university scholarships. Santanders

The mayor’s office in Bukarmanga has given this information Registration time has been extended to April 20 Young people need to apply for 1,325 university scholarships.

1, 2 and 3 level students, Graduates of public schools in the city can avail this facility which is matched with 100% scholarship throughout the technical or technical career.

Thursday from April 21 and until May 13 Terms verification and compliance with student requirements will be completed Those who applied for the scholarship, the mayor reported.

“With this we guarantee that we will have 1,325 new ones Scholar , Young people who really want to study. The government has invested $ 1,500 million in this great project, “said Anna Leoner Rueda, education secretary at Bookermanger.

Laura Christina Gomez, rector of the National Open and Distance University (UNAD), confirmed that this is a great opportunity for young people. Can be a student in any one of the 10 academic programs offered by the institution.

“We have been given ten academic programs for the youth of Bukharamanga e.g. Agricultural Management, Commercial and Business Management, Civil Works Management, Environmental Sanitation, Electronic Automation, Wireless Network Management and Pharmacy Regency “said the Rector of UNAD.

May 17, established as preliminary schedule, The list will be available with selected scholarship holders By its mayor Bukramanga .

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