Study Abroad Without NC: Altenkirchen District offers two scholarships

Press release from 08.04.2022

MediStart GmbH & Co. from Altenkirchen District, Hamburg. In collaboration with KG, the University of Rijeka (Croatia) or Vilnius (Lithuania) is offering two scholarships for the study of human medicine for the winter semester of 2022/23. Last date of application is 6th May.

The Altenkirchen District offers two scholarships for the study of human medicine. (Iconic photo: Darko Stojanovic / Pixabay)

Altenkirchen district. The scholarship program targets first-year students and is either in Rijeka or Vilnius. It is held in English and is funded for a maximum of twelve semesters. The Altenkirchen District bears the cost of admission and semester fees for scholarship holders. The cost of accommodation and travel will be borne by the students themselves. The details of the amount of benefits, the obligations of the scholarship holder and other regulations are governed by a scholarship agreement.

Eligible high school graduates who want to study human medicine and who, as a general practitioner, take on the responsibility of working in the Altenkirchen district for at least ten years after their specialist training. There is no need to take specialist training in Altenkirchen district. The district administration is happy to assist in finding suitable further training locations.

Admission requirements for study abroad include general higher education entrance qualifications and successful participation in the “MediTest-EU” entrance exam, which consists of a written part with a focus on biology, chemistry and general knowledge and a motivation and qualification interview. The Altenkirchen district, in collaboration with Medistart, organized the test.

Contact Jennifer Siebert (Tel. 02681-81 2089) for questions and submission of application documents. Potential applicants can find more details on the MediStart website and all the information about the location of the two universities. Those interested can apply till May 7 (E-mail: j[email protected]). The following must be submitted:

Informal application
Copy of ID card
ক Copy of certificate of eligibility for admission in general university

After viewing and positively evaluating the application documents, applicants receive an invitation for an interview. (Prime Minister)

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