Students made their way to help the refugees asking for the policy concept

In 2021, UNHCR asked students to come up with ideas to help refugees and their welcoming communities. One of the artists created the Lego model for the best idea. © UNHCR

At first the diplomatic admission looked like a room. Hundreds of people wearing elegant clothes holding banners bearing the name of the country. Small groups discuss peace in one corner of the room, the notes silently moving from person to person. But in reality, it was a room for high school students.

The “Model United Nations” competition conference where student diplomats played a role and a comprehensive set of draft resolution resolutions to find solutions to international issues was included. In 2020, UNHCR introduced the UNHCR Model Challenge. Since then, more than 40,000 students in 70 countries have studied, discussed and developed ideas aimed at helping refugees. Last year’s idea was presented at the High Commissioner’s Dialogue, a forum that brings together global leaders to discuss refugee protection.

“Students come up with incredibly good and innovative solutions to their UN Model Refugee Challenge sessions,” said Pauline Lloyd, UNHCR Officer Supervising Youth Engagement.

“We wanted to build support for refugees and show students that their ideas are not only important to the real UN, but they can be implemented,” he added.

In 2021, UNHCR calls on students to address the impact of the corona virus on refugees and the use of technology to enable refugees and their social reunification and refugee rights. The students suggested inventing an ongoing walkway for power generation, and policies to ensure equal pay for workers, refugees and ideas for improving maternal health.

A committee formed by the refugees and UNHCR staff carried out an assessment of the input data. Last Friday, April 1, the Commission awarded eight prizes for the best decision, as well as several prizes for publicity and social impact. The full list of winners can be found here.

Matthias, a Colombian student, said: “The UNHCR must involve young people in the solution.” He added: “We like the negotiation process, just as it does on UN soil, and once we know we can make the process of change bigger, it motivates us to do more.”

The best idea is to transform one artist’s Lego scene; It makes sense that we can all play a role in building a world that welcomes more refugees.

Here’s the winning idea:

Electrical corridors in refugee camps624aba0c4

Affiliated with proposed college students MOVENU, A model UN initiative in Venezuela, is setting up a piezoelectric walkway in a refugee camp that will generate electricity using friction and human weight on the walkway. Can project “Light with each step“(Light at every step) Turn on the lights, cook and much more.

Equal pay for refugee workers624ab9744

The initiative appeals to secondary and high school students and university participants Open I MUN In the UAE, states set a national minimum wage to ensure that refugees receive the same pay as citizens.

Maternal health and day care services for refugees624aba494

Focused high school and university students are participating in the initiative Munesen Their discussion of maternal health services in El Salvador. Their decision was to ensure that all refugee women could enjoy a safe place during childbirth, including specialized medical staff and psychological counseling to prevent postpartum depression. They also suggested funding for a day care center.

Making scholarship words work for refugees


Secondary and high school students have been invited United People MUN In Indonesia, governments want to provide scholarships and lower tuition fees for refugees, which is one of the priorities of the UNHCR’s 15. Campaign.By 30They suggested increasing the enrollment of refugee children in public schools and making the words work in order to create an environment of interaction between refugees and local students.

Partnering with community leaders to increase vaccination rates


Dr. students initiative Innovation MUN In India, a proposal to encourage the authorities to improve the level of health education in both refugee and host communities in order to establish a refugee-friendly health system and reduce hesitation in vaccination. Students are advised to work with community organizations to identify the causes of hesitation or inability to access these services.

Mental health benefits in overcoming the effects of war and epidemics

624ab9293The most prominent initiative, secondary and high school and university students LRIMUN Public health policy in Nepal requires attention to the physical and mental health of refugees. They have written about the integration of refugees into the immunization program, emphasizing the need to establish mental health facilities capable of dealing with the mental health problems of refugees as a result of the epidemic, and the trauma, violence and oppression caused by fleeing war.

Partnerships with Internet service providers on the digital segmentation bridge


Secondary and high school students in Singapore have called on refugee-hosting countries to improve refugee communication opportunities. They suggested working with service providers to distribute mobile phones and set up satellite towers in refugee camps. The digital literacy courses for refugees to organize advised to work with IT professionals.

Training refugee women in entrepreneurship and self-defense624ab9544High school students have taken an initiative Munap In the United States, access to education for refugee women and girls. Their decision focuses on building temporary schools near where the refugee girls live, reducing the distance required for their travel, as well as providing a national curriculum, entrepreneurial classes, self-defense training and career plans for refugee women.

Anyone can join the Model United Nations Year of the Junior High or High School or University to join the High Commissioner’s “Model United Nations” Challenge for Refugees. Please contact [email protected] Asking questions regarding youth participation in UNHCR.

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