Schönen’sche Lehensstiftung provides scholarships to students

Schönen’sche Lehensstiftung zu Pattensen has existed since 1480. This year again four scholarships will be awarded. However, there are requirements that applicants must meet.

Patensen.The town of Pattensen is now accepting applications for grants from Schönen Lehensstiftung. Scholarships usually run for a period of three years, or two years or one year of short study. The general requirement for being awarded one of the four scholarships offered is a confession of Christian faith and proof of study at a German university or college. A degree in theology is preferred.

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Further selection criteria for multiple applicants are the right to reside in Patensen, children of municipal employees, better qualifications, and the order of elders mentioned in the order. In addition, applicants will be required to pay within the tax code.

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