Scholarships have been advertised for Ukrainian students

The Ministry of Education has advertised scholarships for Ukrainian students in Austria who have difficulty continuing their studies due to lack of financial support from home. It starts with 500 scholarships of 715 euros per month, primarily for the current summer and the upcoming winter semester. The ministry has allocated up to 10 million euros for the scholarship. As of early March, there were 2,700 Ukrainian students in Austria.

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According to the ministry, the scholarships are also intended to support students, graduates and scientists who have recently arrived in Austria because of the war. Also, further cooperation and offers with the Austrian Integration Fund are being discussed.

Education Minister Martin Polasek (VP) stressed in a broadcast that the ministry is in talks with Ukrainian representatives at various levels to provide the most targeted assistance. Tuition fees for Ukrainian students have already been waived and academic degrees have been recognized as soon as possible, and there are other initiatives for independent universities.

Oops Supports third country students

The Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) and numerous university student unions also demanded a solution for third-country students studying in Ukraine when the war broke out. Currently, only Ukrainian citizens and third-country nationals who received protection status in Ukraine before the start of the war are granted the right to reside in Austria. Other people must submit an application for it abroad.

On the one hand, the student representatives urged the people to submit their applications to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Germany. Instead, universities should, within the framework of their autonomy, admit non-bureaucratic war-affected students as regular students.

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