Scholarships for app drivers and their children. So they can apply

Sergio Arboleda University has introduced a scholarship plan for 50% and 30% discounts Education of 100 registered partners who use the DiDi technology application in Colombia and / or their children to pursue a bachelor’s degree in innovation and economic technology – Organization ITE.

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Tough race Eight semesters And there are several agreements with universities: Florida International, Mexico Autonomous; Of Congress, in Argentina; La Plata in Australia and Catholics in Griffith, among others.

“The bachelor’s degree in innovation trains data scientists from accurate and computational science, inspired by the country’s first, collaborative economy and innovative and creative approach to the economy of technological platforms. To achieve this, it uses a combined “mixed” approach (especially with remote presence with platforms for international classes) and face-to-face in university classrooms, “explained Carlos Eduardo Menezes, vice-dean of the La Sergio School of Economics.

Scholarship details

Those who are interested in applying for the scholarship plan can get 50 or 30 percent discount depending on the case. To hold this scholarship during the degree, the student must maintain a one-semester average. Equivalent to 3.8 for 50% discount and 3.6 for 30% discount.

The process of considering this benefit begins with a pre-registration To attend a general meeting via zoom, where the features of the initiative will be explained; After that, you need to register and schedule the corresponding admission interview. This meeting will be called and socialized via email.

Requirements to apply

  • Members of the community registered on the DiDi Technology Platform may be the children of one of the members who belong to the community or use the app. (This information will be verified directly with the application).
  • Accumulated score (30%) in Saber’s 11 Tests.
  • Quantitative area Saber 11 test score (20%).
  • Individual interview score (50%).

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Once the process is complete, selected applicants will be able to begin their studies at Sergio Arboleda University in the 2022-2 academic semester. Additionally:

Those interested in registering for the scholarship You can do it at this link

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