Scholarship program that will accelerate development

The good news is that Universidad Católica Nordestana (UCNE) has just celebrated its 44th anniversary. The new rector’s announcement that he is re-launching the scholarship chapter for students with outstanding academic indicators is worthy of excellent.

Thank you to all the professionals who graduated from UCNE for the scholarships offered by Mons Rectors. Jesus Maria de Jesus Moa and Father Freddy, they are important heroes of the dynamic development process that is taking place in San Francisco de Macoris today.

In communities like ours, as before, the main criteria for offering a scholarship that supports talent is the dedication to study and the socio-economic status of the candidate.

So we evaluate Rector Revdor’s decision. To reopen the chapter of the Father Isaac Garcia Scholarship for timely and vital importance, as it would benefit the social sectors with great talent, but those who are financially deprived would find it impossible to carry a university degree.

The rector explained that the initiative to re-launch the scholarship section for students with the best indicators includes signing agreements with various levels of unions and organizations, for the benefit of owners, children and employees or associates of large, medium and small organizations. , With discounts ranging from 10, 15 to 25 percent. For this there is no limit to the number of people that can be mentioned by the company.

EL JAYA applauds and celebrates this measure because it expands the scope of potential beneficiaries, as it should benefit the maximum number of people when it comes to providing educational opportunities.

As its motto, UCNE has reached the fulfillment of its 44-year-old dream. Thousands of young people have graduated from their classrooms with degrees in engineering, medicine, computer science, lawyers, architects, accountants, dentists, teachers and others.

Those dreams come true, reflected in the strong push for progress in various areas that have been verified in San Francisco de Macoris, other municipalities in the province of Duarte, and other provinces in the Northeast.

Graduates of Universidad Catholica Nordestana, for example, participate significantly and increasingly in the expansion of medicine and the dynamics of the construction industry, many of whom have received scholarships.

The Scholarship Program of the Father Isaac Garcia Rector will have an impact on the growing number of people who are called upon to accelerate the dynamics of development that drives this house of higher learning.

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