San Juan residents sell 14,000 pages to apply for scholarship – El Sol de San Juan del Rio

The great demand for scholarships from the municipality of San Juan del Rio has exceeded the 14,000 pages available through the two venues, namely the Sekuko and Makuo sports units, for which dozens of people have expressed their dissatisfaction this Wednesday morning.

Since last Monday they have started getting people to enroll in the program for the purpose of financially assisting the primary and upper level students of the municipality and this Wednesday around 10:30 am when the detainees argued that the pages were over In the case spent the night early in the morning.

According to Rosalba Ruiz Ramos, secretary of social development, he noted that the rules governing electoral life were already clear and published, so a total of 12,000 students would benefit considering various factors and under full review. Out by staff in this area.

Nevertheless, he announced that soon disgruntled people in both places will receive a folio at the behest of Mayor Roberto Cabrera Valencia, but this will only apply until 2:00 pm this Wednesday.

It should be noted that according to officials, many people were even sleeping outside venues to own one of the pages and be considered a beneficiary later.

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