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Saudi scholarships for talented Arabs at international universities

While awarding the meritorious students, Al-Muhtami and later Dr.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Matahmi, Secretary General of the Foundation for the Gifted, “Mawhiba”, King Abdul Aziz and his associates, confirmed to Al-Riyadh that the state is the first of its kind to carry out care programs for selected talented Arab male and female students. In the version, it indicates that the sponsorship programs will include enrolling them in prestigious international universities and providing enrichment programs. Summer, indicating that “Gifted Arabs” is an initiative of the state to support talented students, Arab countries to advance the future of the Arab nation.

Dr. presented. Al-Muhtami in his speech honoring the winning students of the “Arab Gifted” initiative who received the highest marks on the initiative scale in its first edition, which was held in Riyadh under the patronage of His Excellency Prince Badr Bin. Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, Chairman of the Saudi National Committee on Education, Culture and Science, Minister of Culture.

He thanked His Excellency Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, Chairman of the Saudi National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, for his patronage and support of the “Arab Gifted” initiative, and commended His Excellency and the National Committee. For their efforts in initiatives and partnerships with national authorities in education, culture and science, and with regional and international organizations, to build more emerging Arab talents that will contribute to achieving sustainable development in the Arab world. .

His Majesty said that in order to benefit from the data produced by the age of artificial intelligence, technology and the Internet, there must be an Arab program, noting that it starts with students, families, schools and the country involved. .

Dr. Al-Mathami emphasized that Maoism was a success story that began in the Kingdom to discover, nurture and invest talent in the Arab world in search of prosperity and share it with Arab countries.

Al-Mathami, in his first speech, delivered three messages aimed at students in the Arab world and around the world, saying: Receipt and the old way is gone, and the work has gone from the teacher and the school itself to the student who will transfer his talent towards the possibility of improvement and progress in the society in which he lives.

He addressed his second message to the family, emphasizing that it carries a great responsibility to discover children’s talents from an early age.

And he gives his third message to the teachers and the school and tells them that the student is upset about the level he is studying for, and asks him to provide additional materials and give him more time and guidance to develop his skills. His talent in the appropriate case.

The Secretary-General of the Maoists confirmed that through practice in the field, the Maoist Foundation has discovered that the process of discovery must precede care, because it is the most important. And he will become a person who is proud of himself and his school. To him, because it has a class system outside of the classroom system that develops his emotions.

Dr. Saud Al-Mathami presented ALECSO for the organization’s great support for the “Arab Gifted” initiative, noting that Saudi Arabia, represented by “Mawhiba”, wants to share its experience in discovering and nurturing gifts to the Arab world, and in every Arab home, The Arab world provides quality programs to develop young and creative Arab potential, relying on it to contribute to prosperity.

Viewers have watched the movie “International Talent”, which has reviewed the Foundation’s journey for more than twenty years, its achievements and contributions in passing on its experience to the Arab world and its brothers in the world, until it became the most owned. According to the testimony of international experts, there is a wide range of ways to discover, nurture and empower talented people around the world. Professor Nader Al-Masmudi, winner of the King Faisal Award 2022, gave a lecture in which he reviewed his scientific career and his passion for mathematics since childhood, providing a set of tips to inspire gifted students to excel. That will soon see international Arab and Muslim talented Arab scientists receive international awards.

Then His Excellency Dr. Mr. Hani Al-Mokbel, Secretary-General of the Mawhiba Foundation and Executive Director of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science “ALECSO”, presented the award to the winners. Awarding, as well as honoring representatives of the Ministry of Education at the initiative of participating Arab countries: Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, Palestine, Qatar, Yemen, Libya, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Iraq, Mauritania, Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman, and their honor for their efforts and excellence. By

Before concluding, “Mahohiba” and “ALECSO” announced the launch of the second session of the “Arab Gifted 2022” initiative, urging all Arab talents to enroll in it and take advantage of the opportunity to build a promising generation of the future. Scientists, and support the sustainable development and prosperity of the Arab world and the world, for a brighter future for all mankind. The “Arab Gifted” initiative, launched in Saudi Arabia in April 2021 in partnership with the Maohiba Foundation and ALECSO, is the first of its kind in the Arab world to discover and nurture talented people; The 230 Arab talents who scored the highest scores in the “Arab Gifted 2021” initiative represent 11 Arab countries, namely: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Kingdom of Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, the State of Palestine, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Republic of Iraq and the Republic of Yemen. The Republic of Tunisia, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and the State of Libya are divided into three categories for gifted students, namely: Exceptional Talent, Meritorious, and Promising Talent. Mawhiba “is a package of programs to develop the capabilities of Arab talents who are eligible for the initiative and who have achieved the highest score: 57 from Saudi Arabia, 30 from Oman, 8 from Qatar, 34 from Bahrain, 34, 20 from Palestine, Jordan, Iraq. 15 from Tunisia and 2 from Yemen. 15 from Tunisia, 9 from Mauritania and 26 from Libya. Note that the Mauhiba Foundation will provide a package of programs to develop the potential of qualified Arab talents. The Mawhiba Global Enrichment Program, and the Mawhiba Academic Enrichment Program will provide exceptional talent with personal and remote care programs for enrollment in prestigious universities.

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