Riberas del Bravo – El Heraldo de Juarez offers scholarships for families

The municipal government, through the Department of Education, has this day received documents from families living in Riberas del Bravo who want to process school scholarships for their children.

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The head of the unit, Martha Araceli Gonzalez Holguin, reports that the purpose is to bring support to children and adolescents whose parents cannot go to the municipal office to run procedures in the sector.


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Also, these activities were conducted for the first time to serve the Juarents living in that area of ​​the city and to facilitate their procedures.

The Director of Education has indicated that procedures will only be performed from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm today, at the Riberas del Bravo Municipal Public Library, Stage II, 313 Portugal Street.

He said that the procedure carried out was part of the second call for Municipal Scholarship 2022 through which 4,000 bank references would be distributed.

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