Queen Sylvia provides scholarships for dementia care

Queen Sylvia of Sweden has awarded scholarships in a field that is very meaningful to her, Dementia Care, Queen Sylvia Scholarship, King Gustaf V Foundation and Queen Victoria’s Masonic Foundation for Research in Geriatrics , Held in 2022 at the Bååtska Palace in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. The palace was built between 1662 and 1669.

According to published reports, during the celebration, Queen Sylvia awarded scholarships to 19 researchers in the field of aging and dementia. The ceremony also saw the announcement of their intentions for the allocation of the King Gustav V Charitable Foundation and the Queen Victoria Masonic Foundation. More funding for geriatric research and care for dementia patients.

The King Gustav V Foundation and the Queen Victoria Masonic Foundation were founded in 1911 to support scientific research in the field of geriatrics and care for the elderly, especially in three main areas: degenerative brain disease, cardiovascular disease and nursing research. Queen Sylvia is currently the official sponsor of both organizations.

Queen Sylvia has worked for decades on charitable projects and initiatives for dementia patients, an area that means a lot to Queen Sylvia because her mother, Alice Somerlath, was suffering from dementia before her death, as was Princess Madeleine, Queen Sylvia’s youngest daughter. Participated to support projects. Initiatives and charities working in the field of dementia care and research on the disease.

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