Qasim University offers a set of free scholarships .. Get to know them

Qasim University has announced, through its official account on the social networking site, 50 free scholarships in postgraduate and doctoral programs for outstanding students.

50 free scholarships

The university said on Thursday, via its official Twitter account: “In support of outstanding students, Qasim University, representing the Deanship of Graduate Studies, has announced 50 free scholarships in the Masters and Doctoral programs for outstanding students.”

According to the university, 50 scholarships will be awarded in the following programs: (Doctorate of Sunnah and its Science, Doctorate of Faith and Contemporary Doctrines, Doctor of Philosophy in Design and Embroidery of Clothes and Textiles, Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic History Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Literary Studies, Masters in Fundamentals of Law, Masters in Prophetic Sunnah, Masters in Linguistic Studies, Masters of Education in Curriculum and English Teaching Methods, Masters of Education in Psychological Counseling, Masters in Education, Masters in Education Finance, Masters of Science in Accounting, Masters of Science in Information Technology, Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Veterinary Clinical Science, Postgraduate Science in Human Nutrition, Master of Science in Mathematics, Master of Science in Applied Mathematics Science, Civil Engineering- A Master of Science, and Renewable Energy Engineering).

Postgraduate Admission Results

It is noteworthy that Qasim University, represented by the Deanship of Graduate Studies, announced the results of the admissions to the undergraduate program “Masters and Doctorates” for the academic year 5 April 1444, where students can view the results via the following link. :

First place in the “University Innovation Challenge” competition

It is noteworthy that Qasim University’s Center for Innovation and Intellectual Property has won the first place at the level of Saudi universities in the final stage of qualification in the “University Innovation Challenge” competition held on March 24. , 2022 and lasted 3 days. The competition was organized by Prince Muhammad College Bin Salman Administration and Entrepreneur in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

The university participated in the competition held in King Abdullah Economic City through a project titled “An Innovative Process for Draining Water from the Air” and it is one of the qualitative projects of the Onizah Governorate College of Engineering.

On the other hand, the President of the University, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al-Daud, met with the members of the University team who won first place in the “University Innovation Challenge” on April 4 in his office at the University. Competition at the level of Saudi University. At the meeting, the President of the University congratulated the winning students for this achievement, wished them continued success and rewards and said it would be an incentive for them in their scientific and practical journey.

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