Michigan: Uni has mistakenly promised scholarships to thousands of students

University of Auckland
The university mistakenly tells thousands of students that they have received a € 43,000 grant

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Auckland University students in Michigan mistakenly get scholarship promises (iconic photo)

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In the U.S. state of Michigan, a university mistakenly sent an email warning to thousands of students about a grant worth about $ 50,000.

On Jan. 4, Oakland University in Rochester Hills, 28 miles outside of Detroit, Michigan, learned that due to a “human error,” its student application system had emailed 5,500 enrolled students that it had become one of the university’s top honors. It should be a Platinum Presidential Scholar Award worth US $ 12,000 per year for a total of four years.

Michigan: Mail to 5500 students

Brian Bearley, director of media relations at the University of Oakland, told CNN: “Unfortunately, the students who received the message did not meet the eligibility requirements for this award, but they did qualify for a variety of scholarships nonetheless.” Error, the university is informing the students of the scholarship award through the official scholarship award letter mailed to the students. “

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According to Bearley, the University of Oakland’s Platinum Presidential Scholarship is not application-based. This means that all students considered for it are awarded a first-year scholarship with a specific – quite good – school leaving certificate. “This consists of 5500 students […] Freshman and Transfer students were awarded a variety of scholarships, but they did not qualify for the Platinum Presidential Scholarship or receive their Scholarship Award on their Student Portal, ”Bearley said.

Annual tuition fee of about 12,500 euros

According to broadcaster WXYZ, a student who did not meet any of the prerequisites also received a notice of accident. Charmine Brown told the broadcaster that she was on the moon when she received the email. “When they sent me that email, I was like, ‘Wow, this is going to be mine, this is what I wanted,'” Brown said.

According to the Oakland University (OU) website, the average tuition for beginners and sophomores is just under $ 14,000. Room and board costs an average of about US $ 11,200 (€ 10,000) a year.

Source: CNN, WXYZ, OU

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