Medical grant: This is how Attendorn attracts future doctors

In the long run, medical services in Attendorn will depend on how many young doctors want to work here. A scholarship should be tempting.

The town of Attendorne wants to make it delicious for young, aspiring doctors who will one day settle professionally in the Hansatic city or not turn to Attendorne at first. Because in the next few years, many medical professionals will also retire here, and a lot of effort is needed, especially in rural areas, to find young people who are in urgent need. Treasurer Klaus Hessner therefore described the municipality’s efforts to secure long-term medical care by providing medical scholarships as part of the puzzle.

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Simple and understandable idea: The city offers a monthly subsidy of 500 euros for a maximum of six years to young people studying human medicine. In return, students are assigned to work as a doctor in the town of Attendorne after receiving a license to practice medicine – for at least five years – or to complete their further training as specialists here. A relevant guideline, which governs all details, has already been unanimously approved by the politicians of the responsible committee – and with great appreciation for the initiative of the municipality. The guideline must now be approved by the City Council, but it is considered a formality.

Pospischil knows how to stay tough

Mayor Christian Pospischill (SPD) stressed, “We see a great opportunity here to connect medical professionals with our city.” Knowing perfectly well that “we will need the power to stay. Because it is well known that it takes several years before a doctor is allowed to work. ” In Germany alone, the standard duration of study for medical studies is twelve semesters and three months, followed by a clinical part which ends the practical year and the second state examination. In many cases, this is followed by specialist training.

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Simply put, this means that if funding for the aforementioned medical scholarship is provided for the first time for the winter semester 2022/23, it will take many years for the “complete” doctor to begin his journey in Attendance. “But it’s worth the effort for us,” the mayor explained. Politicians were praised. Wolfgang Tippel (CDU) has spoken of “spending money well”. And Kevin Rish (SPD) stressed: “This measure will give us a significant spatial advantage.” Above all, because there is no municipality the size of Hansetik that offers such scholarships. As a rule, it is the larger districts such as the Marquis district or Hochsourland districts that make such offers. Despite the hard work of the UWG, the Olpe district has not yet been able to do so on its own.

Feel specific clients

Klaus Hesner speaks of a “practical approach” and “a specific customer that we remember.” According to the city, the exchange profession with local medical has shown itself, although potential medical students have high potential, they do not get regular university place in Germany due to NC problems among other subjects and then want to study abroad or in a private university. But not everyone can afford it. This is where the Attendance Scholarship comes in. It is also important that the scholarship holder completes his or her practical year in the town of Hansetik to build contacts, network and get acquainted with the city.

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Hessner added: “It is important to us that the scholarship holders receive close, personal support from our medical profession from the very beginning. And I’m confident we can beat them based on their own beliefs – and they don’t come to Attendor because of the money. ” Wants to provide the first scholarship at the beginning.

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