“Mayor Kirstein leaves scholarships in the rain”

In its press release in late January, Jung Union’s local board (JU) called on Forchheim Mayor Uwe Kirschstein (SPD) to immediately confirm the money paid by scholarship holders at the Ludwig and Theresa Betz Foundation. Entitled. To the great surprise of the Board of Directors, this has not yet happened:

“Instead of apologizing to the Lord Mayor for the late payment and working to rectify the situation immediately, he simply says ‘there is no new situation’ – a slap in the face to all those students who are eagerly awaiting this payment. For, ”said John Kraus, local chairman of Xabi Forechem.

Felix Monias, deputy district chairman of JU Forchheim, also said: If he doesn’t feel confident enough or doesn’t want to do it, he should be represented by someone who is more respectful of the students’ interests. “

Furthermore, the board of directors of JU Forchheim indicates that the foundation’s laws explicitly provide for the recruitment of management and support staff who can assist in providing scholarships, so that there is no further delay in payment. For this reason, the local board is again asking the mayor to make arrangements for immediate payment of arrears.

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