Learn about the need to organize foreign missions and increase vacations

Law No. 149 of 2020 contains a set of obligations for mission-organized offices to regulate the relationship between the two parties between regulatory missions, grants and study leave, and we review these controls in detail below.

By law, the appropriate mission office is required to enter into an agreement with the Scholarship Body that defines the rights and duties governing the relationship between the mission agency and the envoy or representative in the mission office, provided that the Scholarship Agency’s obligations specifically included in this agreement A half-yearly report and its response to the mission program and the extent to which it achieved its objectives and any developments from its study program.

The study page must be approved for any purpose of the mission, and it must be closely related to the work of the beneficiary, and the sending agency must be in dire need of the experience or study provided by the mission..

A study leave committee shall be constituted in each organization subject to the provisions of this Act, without any hindrance to the law governing the bodies and committees concerned with study leave. The executive regulations of this Act.

Study leave cannot be extended without the approval of the appropriate scholarship office, the supervising professor and the sending body and the approval of the committee..

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