Khartoum..Turkish-Sudanese talks on higher education

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Turkish Ambassador to Khartoum Irfan Nazir Oglu has held talks with a Sudanese Minister of Higher Education.

In a tweet to her on her Twitter account, the Turkish ambassador said he had met with Sudan’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mohammad Hassan Dahab Ahmed.

He further said that we will continue our cooperation in the field of higher education.

It is noteworthy that in 2018, Turkey and Sudan signed an agreement in the field of education, which included the exchange of experience, the establishment of advanced centers in the field of education and the establishment of educational institutions. In Khartoum, the then Deputy Minister of Education of Turkey.

The agreement included “the establishment of advanced centers, as well as the establishment of Turkish schools in Sudan and Sudanese schools in Turkey”, as well as “the establishment of a Turkish-Sudanese university soon.”

The last two decades have seen the development of relations between the two countries, especially since the Justice and Development Party came to power in Ankara in 2002; Where he devised an ambitious plan to increase contacts with African countries.

Over the past ten years, Turkey has begun attracting hundreds of African students, including Sudanese, to study at its various universities, thanks to a scholarship program that opens the door to applications for foreign students annually.

According to data from the presidency of the Turkish Diaspora Affairs and Related Community (YTB) for 2021, more than 314,000 students from 54 African countries have applied for scholarships, and 13,982 students received them last year.

There are thousands of African students in Turkey who receive their university education at their own expense.

According to the Turkish Diaspora and the Presidency of Relative Social Affairs, currently 4,403 African students continue their university education at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in Turkish universities. There are also 8,786 African students from 51 countries who have graduated from Turkish universities.

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