Future Scholarship Writing Youth: Are You Ready? Registration will open soon

Young university students who study at a priority institution of higher education in the national education system You can now enroll in the Jovenes Escribiendo el Futuro 2021 Scholarship.

This support The federal government Benito Juarez belongs to the Welfare Scholarship Group, also known as the AMLO Scholarship.

The Jovens Escribendo El Futuro 2021 Scholarship is for high level students “In situations of poverty or vulnerability, those who live in areas with high rates of violence, as well as Indigenous and Afro-ethnic students, who are enrolled in a priority institution of higher education in the national education system.”

What is the economic value of the Juvenes Escribendo El Futuro 2021 scholarship?

It has 2,400 pesos per month which is distributed bi-monthly per scholarship recipient (4,800 pesos bi-monthly).That school year lasts ten months.

Financial assistance Delivered directly to the student By bank card.

Which schools can participate in the Jovens Scribendo El Futuro 2021 Scholarship?

These are Priority school The program aims to support:

  • Intercultural University
  • CDMX Health University
  • Benito Juarez University
  • Rural general school
  • Ordinary school
  • Autonomous Agricultural University Antonio Naro
  • University of Chapingo
  • Public State University with Solidarity Support
  • State Public University
  • Technical University
  • Polytechnic University
  • National Educational University
  • Federal Technological Institute
  • Decentralized technology organization
  • Federal Public University
  • Rural Development Center
  • Other government higher education institutions

Where can I register for SUBES for the Jovens Escribendo El Futuro Scholarship?

Young people who are willing to get scholarships Higher education beneficiaries need to enter single system (SUBES).

Due to the election ban due to the withdrawal of the mandate, the registration of various social programs was suspended, however. On April 25, the process of the Jovens Escribendo El Futuro Scholarship can be done..

States that have election bans on scholarships

However, in the following states Registration cannot be started on that day due to the election for the new governor:

  • Aguascalientes
  • Durango
  • Gentleman
  • Quintana Rs
  • oaxaca
  • Tamaulipas



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