For employees .. 4 categories Bonus distribution and increase incentives are prohibited

12:59 PM

Sunday 10 April 2022

Books – Mostafa Eid:

The finance ministry began distributing salaries to state administrative apparatus employees this April, with new increases, including a periodic bonus for those under the Civil Service Act, a special bonus law for those not addressed, and an additional incentive for both.

And Finance Minister. Mohammed Mait has issued rules of procedure to implement the provisions of the recently enacted law to expedite the scheduled dates of periodic and special bonuses and to increase additional incentives.

The decision includes a number of sections which temporarily prohibit the payment of special allowances or monthly incentives prescribed by this Act, including:

1- Workers who are entitled to bonuses and incentives and those who work abroad, except those who work abroad are considered to be an extension of their original work.

2- Workers help to work abroad.

3- Employees on special leave without pay.

4- Those who do not receive their pay at home from the workers abroad on special leave, vacation, scholarship or mission for leave, grant or mission period.

According to the decision, this bonus or incentive is given to those who return from work abroad, second, leave, grant or mission, starting from the date of receiving the job inside them and the special bonus is calculated. On March 31, 2022 on the basis of their arrears of basic wages.

And the finance minister announced, in a statement issued on March 21, that the increase in the percentage of periodic and special bonuses for employees in the state’s administrative apparatus, and the increase in their delivery dates and delivery dates, would start from April instead of July. At the beginning of the new financial year.

The minister said that starting from April pay, those who have been addressed will be given periodic bonus as per the provisions of the Civil Service Act, which has been increased to 8% of the wages of the job, with a minimum EGP of 100. Months, and without the maximum.

State workers who are not subject to the provisions of the Civil Service Act will be paid a special allowance of 15% of the basic wage or its equivalent, including a minimum of 100 100, and excluding the maximum, according to the Minister.

This means that the periodic bonus was increased by 1% and the special bonus was also increased by 2% which was fixed last January, when the periodic bonus was fixed for spending at 7% of the working wage, and the special bonus was 13% of the basic wage.

The Minister indicated that, starting from next April’s pay, additional monthly incentives for employees addressed by the provisions of the Civil Service Act would also be increased and those employees to whom it was not addressed (instead of the first of next July).

Incentives will be increased to 5 175 for sixth, fifth and fourth degree holders, 5 225 for third degree holders, 5 275 for second degree holders, 32 325 for first degree holders and 350 350 for single degree holders. For general degree holders, 5 375 for higher degree holders and প্রথম 400 for first degree holders. According to the Minister, premium or equivalent.

The Minister said that anyone who is hired after this date will benefit from it, and that this incentive is considered part of the supplementary wage or variable wage, so the minimum increase for incremental increments and additional incentives is 300 300 per month.

He explained that it came as part of a 130 130 billion package of financial and social security measures by the government to address the response to global economic challenges and reduce their impact on citizens.

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