Ethel Ford senior Ronnie Abdullah has received a valuable national scholarship

Beloved – Dear student, Ronnie Majid Abdullah, one of 100 high school graduates in the United States and the only student in Michigan to receive this prestigious Cook College Scholarship.

Recipients will receive up to কলেজ 55,000 annually in their college education expenses as they visit some of the top colleges and universities in the country this fall.

“I was in the middle of my shift at the pharmacy when I read my last email, I couldn’t believe it! I was excited and tried to run somewhere to read the post from the clients so that they would not think me crazy, ”he said.

Abdullah, an veteran of Ethel Ford High School, and Rehab Nader Jadalla of Fortison High School were declared eligible for the scholarship semifinals in February.

Two of the four Michigan students on the highly selected list are from across the country.

Cook College Scholarship semifinalists were selected from over 5,300 applicants. Students apply from all 50 states, including Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.

Abdullah said he was proud of being an Arab-American and a Yemeni-American, and wrote about his identity and involvement in community service at his request. He thinks this may be the biggest reason for being selected for the Jack Kent Cook Scholarship.

He was always inspired by education and was constantly encouraged by his parents, both of whom emigrated from Yemen to Dearborn in the 1990s. He also looked to his older siblings for inspiration.

“I have four older siblings and four younger siblings. Growing up in such a large family can be exciting, but I don’t take it for granted. ” “I have learned a lot from my older siblings, and I want to encourage my younger siblings to always strive for education and confidence in supporting their community.”

In addition to school, Majid loves to play basketball in his spare time and is a huge fan of both Michigan Wolverine football and Liverpool, and his biggest goal in the future is to help resolve the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The most unseen in the world and still requires great attention.

Abdullah wants to be a neurosurgeon, focusing specifically on functional neurosurgery. She plans to become a major in neuroscience and computer science this fall and is committed to admission to Stanford University.

The Jack Kent Cook Foundation’s Cook College Scholarship Program helps high-achieving, financially disadvantaged students achieve their bachelor’s degrees. Over the past two years, the Foundation has increased scholarship caps for graduate scholarships in line with rising tuition fees and economic challenges across the country.

In addition to significant financial support, scholars continue to gain access to a network of training and educational counseling, graduate school and career counseling, and more than 2,800 active culinary researchers and alumni. Scholars will have the opportunity to fund internships, study abroad and graduate school.

The Foundation evaluates each application and selects scholars based on their academic ability, sustainability, leadership and financial needs. Scientists study biology, engineering, computer science, fine arts and political science.

“Our country is full of outstanding and inspiring students,” said CB Basil, managing director of the Jack Kent Cook Foundation. We want to make sure that those who need money have a chance to succeed. We appreciate the determination shown by this year’s finalists and we are very proud of the achievements of these students. We look forward to seeing their future accomplishments.

Since 2000, the Foundation has provided শিক্ষার্থ 230 million in scholarships and comprehensive support services to 3,000 students in grades eight through eight.

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