Elijah Nukul and Medlab University have renewed their partnership to provide scholarships for students

Today, Wednesday, the Ilia Nukul Foundation and Medlab Medical Laboratories signed an agreement to renew the strategic partnership between them.
Under the agreement, the Elia Nukul Foundation will engage in systematic and extracurricular training in all its development programs to help students develop their skills and prepare them for entry into the labor market.
The agreement was signed on behalf of Ilya Nukul Foundation, Mr. Ghassan Nukul, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Dr. Hasib Sayun, CEO of Medlab Medical Laboratories.
Ghassan Nukul expressed his pride in renewing and expanding partnerships with “Medlab” Medical Laboratories, appreciating “Medlab’s” support and interest in contributing to local development and serving the youth and education sector. He further noted that such a partnership with Medlab supports the Foundation’s efforts to help students whose economic status does not enable them to complete their university education and empower them for a better future for themselves and their local community.
He noted that through on-the-job training at Medlab’s Laboratory, students will be able to benefit from practical experience, which is consistent with the organization’s mission, which is to engage young people with experienced people and gain practical experience before engaging in practice. In the labor market
For his part, Dr. Hasib Sahyun said, “We are proud of our sustainable partnership with the Ilia Nukul Foundation by providing scholarships to university students and standing by them step by step to prepare them for the labor market. All of this is in line with our vision to support the youth as our future.
Notably, the Ilya Nukul Foundation aims, since its inception in 2008, to develop young people by providing them with the opportunity to pursue higher academic studies or pursue vocational education at universities and community colleges. Conducting training programs for personal development. , Students’ scientific, linguistic and technical skills qualify them to enter the labor market.
Laboratory Consulting Group “MEDLAB” was established in 1993, to be the leading and fastest growing laboratory medicine among the private laboratories in the Arab Levant region. It holds the highest accreditation certificates for the quality of laboratory medicine, including European accreditation ISO 15189 and ISO 9001: 2008, and the American Accreditation in Pathology (CAP), in addition to the 2011 King Abdullah II Award for Excellence.
MedLabs operates in Jordan, Palestine and northern Iraq, and its team includes experienced and skilled staff in technical and non-technical fields, including specialized consultants in various medical and laboratory fields.
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