Elementary students go to the Olympiad of Knowledge for scholarships


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Elementary students compete for scholarships in the Olympiad of Knowledge. Photo: Katia Fernandez / Simagen

Its students Sixth class in government, private, tribal and rural schools Is competing in Olympiad of Children’s Knowledge 2022, where The winners will receive a scholarship Thousands of pesos a month during his three years of high school.

The competition will be held in three stages, In By school zone, sector and state level. The first stage begins March 26 and ends April 29; The second is from 2 to 20 May and the third from 23 May to 15 June.

You will be recognized for passing the assessment. Knowledge and skills in Mathematics, Spanish, Natural Sciences, History and Geography.

The purpose of the competition is to contribute to the growth of quality Encourages education system and students achievement. Disclosure of final results Will be held June 24.

The authority of each state, AEFCM And Confe That body will be nominated Evaluation instruments will be formulated, applied and qualifiedIn addition, it will set the evaluation criteria and announce the results.

Winners of the Children’s Knowledge Olympiad 2022 will receive a scholarship of one thousand pesos per month, Banker Foundation, In every 10 months of the following three school cycles of secondary education. Check bases and calls.


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Edited by: Laura Ortega

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