Awareness lectures on scholarships in America for middle and high school students

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education, in a letter to the education departments, said that discussions on the progress of education and scientific research in Egypt were discussed with AMIDEAST and the Ministry of Education’s public education sector, noting that through a series of awareness speeches. Students can receive scholarships in the United States. These lectures are from AMIDEAST Egypt’s EducationUSA office and AMIDEAST’s cultural exchange department.

It comes from providing students with adequate information that will enable them to obtain scholarships to American universities through awareness-raising lectures that will be conducted in two ways:

– The first image will be through an actual two-hour visit to each school, showing how they can compete as international students to qualify for scholarships in the United States.

– And the second image will be a set of meetings that will be held remotely via the Zoom application, to show more specific information about personal articles, resumes, how to choose a profession or specialty, and communication skills via e-mail. Mail with admissions office and passing interview.

Al-Khattab explains that the target group is: third-grade students, and first- and second-grade students in secondary school, insisting that the lectures have been approved for implementation by the Central Security Department in the Ministry of Security.

The letter emphasized that the target group was students in the third grade of preparatory grade and the first and second graders of the secondary school.



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