Alpen-Adria-Club offers scholarships for Carinthian students «

Club Alpbach Senza Confini (CASC) provides scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach. Students and young professionals from across the Alps-Adriatic region can now apply.

8:00 a.m., March 31, 2022


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Tyrrell Congress Center Alpbach
Tyrrell Congress Center Alpbach APA / EXPA / JOHANN GRODER

International decision-makers have been meeting in Tyrol’s Alpbach since 1945 to address the relevant socio-political issues of our time. Young Carinthians also have the opportunity to be a part of it and to actively participate in this intergenerational, cross-border and ideological dialogue. Because the club Alpbach Senja Confini (CASC) provides scholarships for young people from Carinthia, northern Italy and Slovenia to the European forum Alpbach.

In early April, students or young professionals from the Alpine-Aria region can apply for the forum, which will be held from 22nd August to 2nd September this year. The club offers a total of 15 scholarships. More details can be found on the club’s website.

International Network

Club Alpbach Senza Confini sees itself as a magnet for young people who regularly return to the region and are looking for an international network here. The Alps-Adriatic region will be represented at this year’s Forum Alpbach with two events, said President Karina Schmidt. “The events are aimed at making Carinthia more visible on the European stage,” explained Dennis Warnig, vice president of Carinthia.

Jadran Vecchiet joined the team as Vice President of Italy. As part of Italy’s Slovenian minority, he speaks Italian and Slovenian. He went to school in Klagenfurt, which meant that he had perfect command not only in German but also in Carinthian.

Intercultural understanding

Peter Suhodolcan, Vice President of Slovenia, “wants to promote the intercultural understanding and understanding of our common Alpe-Adria region.” He also aims to increase participation from the club’s Slovenian pillars.

Scholarships are funded through partnerships with administrations and organizations that value cooperation in a unified Europe and the Alps-Adriatic region as the key to success.

Club Alpbach Senja Confini (CASC) A cross-border, non-profit organization that provides grants for the European Forum Alpbach.

Round. Volunteers to connect the Alps-Adriatic region with Europe, to strengthen regional cooperation, to build peaceful relations, and to raise awareness of political and social issues in the European context.

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