Al-Azhar Under-Secretary: Indonesia has the highest percentage of scholarships, including 174 scholarships

Al-Azhar al-Sharif’s undersecretary, Dr. Muhammad al-Duwaini, has received an Indonesian delegation led by Dr. Amani Lopez, president of Jeddah’s Sharif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, to discuss ways to increase cooperation in education. Religious issues, and the implementation of future religious vision to strengthen world peace and human brotherhood.

Dr. Al-Dhawini said that Al-Azhar has an important vision for world peace and it has adopted the document of human brotherhood; In a bid to spread peace around the world, he noted that moderation and the Al-Azhar curriculum have contributed greatly to Indonesians’ demand for education in Al-Azhar, explaining that Indonesia has the highest percentage of the 174 scholarships offered by Al-Azhar. -Azhar. Not without the presence of Indonesian students on the list of Indonesian students and outstanding students, and it confirms their interest in science acquisition and their excellence.

On his behalf, Dr. Amani Lobis, President of Jeddah’s Sharif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, expressed his delight at being in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and the delegation accompanying him, and Al-Azhar is the most frequent educational institution for Indonesian students. , Since the number of students at different stages of education has exceeded 20 thousand. This reflects their conviction in Al-Azhar and the importance of its curriculum in combating extremism and consolidating the values ​​of peace and coexistence. He thanked the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, for hosting international students at Al-Azhar.

The relationship between Indonesia and Al-Azhar dates back centuries. Before the people of Indonesia came to study in the corridors of Al-Azhar, they used to meet the scholars of Al-Azhar during the Hajj season to ask about their jurisprudence and Sharia issues. Then, more than a century and a half ago, Indonesians began to come to Egypt to draw from Al-Azhar and its revered sheikhs from science. Indonesian students lived in a corridor in Al-Azhar, known as the “Javai Corridor”, referring to the island of Java, and this corridor still exists on the campus of the Al-Azhar Mosque. Indonesia “was founded a few years ago by Indonesian students.

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