A Saudi university tops the list of Arab universities in the “QS” category, and initiatives to link students to the labor market in Egypt and Lebanon.

Saudi universities top Arab universities in QS rankings

King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia announced yesterday (Tuesday) that it has been ranked among the world’s Arab universities. Classification Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) for international universities.

According to a statement from the Saudi Ministry of Education, the university is ranked 51st worldwide, a record increase from 125th in the 2019 classification. The University of Saudi Arabia ranks 132nd in the world in natural sciences, 109th in the world in terms of life sciences and medicine, and 104th in social and management sciences. The number of Saudi universities has reached 14 in this year’s world rankings.

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The University of Kufa discusses the criteria for writing scientific research

Yesterday (Tuesday), the College of Engineering, University of Kufa in Iraq hosted a panel discussion on the basic criteria for forming different types of scientific research, published in journals and conferences, in which several professors and participants participated. Researchers

It included a lecture on the importance of publishing in authorized journals in the Scopus and Clarivet classifications, and to emphasize the existence of a new concept, as well as to identify the framework of practical research at the time of its writing. , And writing in proper scientific language, to ensure the acceptability of research and to ensure editorial board scientific journals and publishing houses.

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Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Qatar and the University of Mogadishu

Qatar University yesterday (Tuesday) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mogadishu University, a leading higher education institution in Somalia, aimed at establishing joint cooperation in various scientific, administrative, technical and research fields.

The MoU includes exchange of experiences and information between the two universities, newsletters, magazines, studies, statistics and other data, in addition to conducting studies, organizing conferences and training courses, and providing scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students from Mogadishu. The University prepares them as faculty members.

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A project to connect Lebanese students to the labor market

Yesterday (Tuesday), the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced that Minister Abbas Al-Halabi had discussed with Jean-Noel Balliott, regional director of the Francophone University Institute, about his readiness to support the Student Entrepreneur Project.

Discussions included a discussion of possible mechanisms of collaboration between the Francophone University Agency, the Ministry, and Lebanese universities, with the aim of introducing program content into the university curriculum.

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Cooperation program for the development of vocational colleges in Sultana, Oman

Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation signed the agreement yesterday (Monday). Collaboration program With a local company, developing vocational colleges and vocational colleges for marine science and providing an educational and training environment that contributes to improving the quality of vocational training.

The implementation of this program is part of the comprehensive work plan launched by the Ministry for the development of colleges, to accommodate, train and qualify more students according to an updated time frame in specific initiatives. Theoretical and practical programs to align them with the rapid development of vocational training.

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Cairo University Student Qualification Program for the Labor Market

Cairo University yesterday (Tuesday) announced the signing of a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, aimed at providing training programs for university students to qualify to meet the needs of the labor market.

The agreement provides for the use of professors from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science in research on research topics related to youth. Mohamed Othman Elkhoshat, president of Cairo University, said the signing of the protocol comes within the framework of continuous cooperation between the two parties, developing students’ skills, building their capacity and qualifying them for different labor market needs.

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Efforts at Jordan University to train accounting and finance graduates

Yesterday (Tuesday), Jordan University announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Skytech to facilitate cooperation between the two parties in a number of areas, in particular: providing training to accounting and finance graduates.

The purpose of the memorandum is to facilitate the way for graduates of the accounting and finance programs offered by the university, to obtain certificates of training and experience from the company, and to introduce university students to the SPA software. Under the memorandum, workshops, conferences, and joint research projects will be arranged, as well as exchange of training and examination materials, to facilitate the preparation and processing of students under training activities.

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