A partnership agreement is signed between the Jadara Foundation and ADM to support outstanding students who have graduated.

The Société Nationale des Autoroutes du Moroc et Jadara Foundation signed a convention de partenariat. Credit: MAP

On April 7, the Moroccan National Automobile Company and the Jadara Foundation signed a partnership agreement aimed at outstanding students who have graduated, and who come from low-income social backgrounds.

A joint statement said the agreement, signed by Anwar Ben Azzuz, director general of the Moroccan National Automobile Company, and Hamid Benfadil, president of the Zadara Foundation (formerly the Moroccan Student Foundation), aims to develop joint measures to support the agreement. Outstanding students who have received a certificate. Graduates help people from low-income social circles and their higher education to continue successfully.

He explained that the partnership came within the framework of the “Leader Generation Program”, launched by the National Motorway Company in Morocco, with the aim of supporting students and young researchers as part of a comprehensive joint program developed by the company. Generally for the benefit of the community adjacent to the motorway.

According to the same source, Morocco’s National Automobile Company will work through the agreement, allocating scholarships to provide financial assistance and professional assistance to outstanding outstanding graduate students from areas adjacent to the motorway network. Individual and group training based on merit, as well as benefiting from educational courses for students of the Moroccan Student Foundation.

The report quoted Ben Azzuz as saying that “Morocco’s National Automobile Company, as a public citizen company, seeks to make a positive impact in areas crossed by motorways, especially in support of young students in the area.” He added: “We are proud and delighted to be partnering with the Jadara Foundation, an organization that believes in social progress through training and seeks equal opportunities for the youth of our country.”

For his part, Bin Al-Fadil highlighted that this collaboration comes to strengthen a system of committed and supportive partners that the Jadara Foundation has worked for over 20 years to benefit outstanding students.

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