30 Scholarships for Algerian Students at Egyptian Universities … and an Academic Debate on the International Ranking of Kuwait Universities

30 scholarships for Algerian students in Egyptian universities

Egyptian Higher Education Minister Khaled Abdel Gaffar announced the provision of 30 scholarships to Algerian students at Egyptian universities yesterday (Sunday).

It comes during a ministerial meeting with Algerian Ambassador to Egypt Hamid Shabira. These scholarships include 20 postgraduate scholarships, and 10 undergraduate and graduate degrees, adding that his country’s goal is to increase and support cultural, scientific and social exchanges with Algeria. The two sides agreed to hold a joint symposium between higher education officials of the two countries in Cairo next June.

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Today .. A Libyan discussion about the course of the Medical Technology College

Today (Monday) Omar Al-Mukhtar University in Libya will host the fourth meeting of the Deans of the College of Medical Technology at the level of Libyan universities.

The meeting, which will run until April 14, will witness the participation of 14 colleges.

Participants will discuss the general rules of the Medical Technology College, the recognition of their undergraduate departments, the renaming of their graduates, the naming and identification of their departments, as well as the naming of their academic courses.

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Jordanian students discuss “building refugee integration” during internships in Germany

Jordan’s Yarmouk University announced yesterday (Sunday) that twelve of its students attended the summer school at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, last March.

The participation of university students in the activities of the international project “Building the integration of refugees through urban development and social work”. Events include special workshops on social work and urban development, in addition to practical applications and activities that contribute to the promotion of refugee integration with the local community in collaboration with a local organization in the German capital Berlin.

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Al-Quds Open University seeks to create specialized professional diplomas

Al-Quds Open University’s Continuing Education Center has held a meeting by default for center coordinators in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The meeting, held two days ago, focused on strengthening the Centre’s training courses at university branches in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, how to engage the local community in these courses, launch new training programs and create specialized professional diplomas. . Participants also discussed the implementation of the Innovation and Creativity Center project funded by the Belgian Foundation (Able) at the Tubas and Jericho branches.

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A project to create a database for alumni of Al-Anbar University

A few days ago, Anbar Iraqi University announced the launch of a project to create a database for its graduates.

The move comes as part of the university’s efforts to liaise with appropriate authorities, institutions and private sector companies to provide job opportunities, with a goal of establishing a database of graduates, their specialization and skills. The university invites its graduates to participate in an online questionnaire about the educational process and how much they benefit from studying the labor market.

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Competition dates for the recruitment of teaching assistants at Syrian universities are being revised

Yesterday (Sunday) the University of Tishrin in Syria announced the amendment of the Ministry of Higher Education of the country, announcing the date of application for the competition for the post of Teaching Assistant in Public University.

According to the decision, applications for the post will be accepted from April 25 to May 31. The universities to which new repeaters will be listed include: University of Damascus, Aleppo, Tishrin, Al-Bath, Al-Furat, Hama, Tartus and the National Institute of Public Administration.

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Academic debate over Kuwait University’s world rankings

Today, Kuwait University is witnessing a controversy over the collapse of the university in one of the international classifications related to higher education institutions. AndPublished A local newspaper published a report: “Free Fall” for Kuwait University … worldwide.

Through his Twitter account, Abdullah Al-Hazri, dean of the College of Arts, commented on the report that the university had for some time been the target of systematic propaganda by academic colleagues inside and outside the Kuwaiti university, “to tarnish its image and tarnish its academic reputation.” ” He noted that the university has various criteria for global evaluation “which are not even accepted by the university’s critics, such as accepting non-Kuwaiti students, hiring foreign professors and increasing the budget allocated for research.”

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