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The Ministry of Education in Santa Fe registers a variety of scholarships for the province’s secondary schools and special education students. You have until April 29 to sign up.

These are the types of scholarships that can be applied for Original People’s ScholarshipAn economic benefit aimed at students from different communities and aimed at ensuring educational inclusion, recognition, integration and academic achievement.

Also Social-education scholarship, Which is a financial aid aimed at low-income students with the main objective of achieving a timely and equitable education. And Malvinas War Veterans Children ScholarshipWithin the framework of Act No. 12867.

The school in which the applicant attends is enrolled and the requirements are: to be a regular student of a secondary school and / or special school in the province of Santa Fe.

Also belongs to a family group based in the province, whose economic income keeps them below the poverty line. As a reference, they indicate from the education that according to the data provided by Indec, the total basic basket (CBT) for a typical family of four members is 78,624 pesos.

In addition, donors do not enjoy other scholarships or similar financial aid, regardless of the entity.

From education they think that during the 2021 school year, 47,352 scholarships were awarded in the province.

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